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Founder: Rev. James McKeown

James parents were from Northern Ireland, when young they ran off to Scotland in order to get married. They settled in the village of Glenboig, near Glasgow. It was here that James was born, the second of nine children. His parents were strict Presbyterians. His father had no book but the Bible. When James was just eight a man from their Church travelled to Sunderland where the Pentecostal movement began in Britain in the Anglican church of A.A. Boddy.

This man returned speaking in tongues. James?s parents attended meetings at which both were filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. He was eleven when his family moved back to Portglenone in N.Ireland. He soon left School to help his dad on the new farm. It was in 1916 That George Jeffreys held a five week tent campaign in Ballymena near their farm. The tent held less than 300 people but during that time 120 were won to Christ.

A great many consecrated themselves afresh unto God and 23 were baptized in the Holy Ghost. Every night the tent was filled to capacity, on Sunday nights the side of the tent was let down to allow all those gathered outside the tent to participate. One of the favourite hymns of this mission was ?Ireland for Christ.? The McKeown home became something of a centre for Pentecostal meetings especially on Sunday nights when they would continue to the early hours of the morning. Both George Jeffreys and Smith Wigglesworth ministered at these meetings, these two men left a marked influence on his home and his young life. It would later be said that James?s preaching style was very like Jeffreys.